Defy Time. Enjoy healthier skin that is brighter, younger, softer, tighter. Rejuvenate from the inside out with no harsh side effects or downtime.

We offer a comprehensive array of services for women, men and teens that are safe on all skin types. These are our most popular offerings. We are happy to custom build a skin health plan to meet your individual skin health needs.

For Women

anti-aging skin rejuvenation

Non-Invasive Face & Neck Tightening

Combining multi-polar energy and magnetic pulse technology, we will improve elasticity, reduce fine lines, crow’s feet, and contour the jawline and neck for long-term results.

$300 each/$1500 for series of 6
45 min per area

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Reduce cellulite and achieve circumferential reduction and tightening of the skin in any chosen area of the body. Revitalize aging skin on arms, knees and thighs. Post-baby abdominal tightening will improve stretch marks and tighten loose skin.

$300 each/$2000 for series of 8
30 min per area

Photo Rejuvenation/Color Correction

Reduce rosacea and superficial veins, while removing sun damage and pigmented age spots, while shrinking pore size to achieve even, refreshed, younger looking skin, on any chosen area of the body.

$350 each/$900 for series of 3
30 min per area

Fractional Pixel Resurfacing

Transform your skin by reducing deep wrinkles, clearing years of sun damage and smoothing acne scarring and stretch marks with minimal social downtime.

1200 each/$3000 for series of 3
60 min per area

Combination of Skin Tightening & Photo Rejuvenation

Combine the benefits of our advanced skin tightening with the results of Photo Rejuvenation to revitalize any chosen area of the body, and turn back the clock with no downtime.

$550 each/$2000 for a package
45 min per area

Ultimate Anti-Aging

Combine Skin Tightening, Photo Rejuvenation and Pixel Resurfacing to take off the years with multiple unique technologies. Laser 360™ will reveal brighter, healthier looking skin from the inside out, with proven long-term results.

$4700 for a package | 75 min per area

Virtually Pain-Free Hair Removal

Reduce hair on any chosen area of the body to prevent in-grown hairs and cut shaving right out of your life. Our hair reduction is virtually pain free! (White and blonde hair excluded)

$200 per area (8 sessions required) 1200 for full series | 30 min per area

anti-aging facials

Organic Illuminating facial full dull aging skin losing its youthful glow. This treatment will instantly restore radiance and hydration to your skin. With the use of super hydradors like hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and rosehip oil you will see improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving your skin feeling nourished, soft, and with a restored glow. This treatment includes gentle exfoliation, lymphatic message, foot & leg massage, masque and serums.

$145 | 60 min




Enjoy this relaxing technique for harmaonizing and balancing natural energy. It restores, normalizes, balances and aligns the energy centers or chakras in the physical and finer bodies, while gently synchronizing and energizing vital meridians and acupuncture points. Harmony and wellbeing are restored, and the body's natural ability to heal iteself is accelerated.

$65 | 60 min

Coming Soon

Fusion Meso XPERT Pro

A new approach of no-needle microneedling based on break through technology. Meso XPERT is an electroporation & LED stimulation device that allows fusion serums to penetrate deeply and assist with skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, expression lines, under eye puffiness and all over anti-aging. Treatments can be customized to meet your specific needs. This treatment provides safe, effective and immediate results. Can be done as a stand alone treatment or incorporated with dermaplaning. Great anytime or for special occasions..

$175 | 45 min

CBD Facial